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Robidoux Brothers is excited to add Matterhorn Metal Roofing to it’s product offering. Not only does Matterhorn Metal Roofing add dimension, character and color to your home – it also lasts a lifetime. Matterhorn’s lifetime warranty guarantees you piece of mind in the life of your roof.


Matterhorn Metal Roofing 

For quite a while now the roofing industry has been dominated by asphalt. The trouble is that asphalt has all the disadvantages of a toxic and degradable material. That’s why a lot of homeowners have been turning to metal roofing when it’s time to choose a roof.

For Quality Edge and our Matterhorn Metal Roofing, we chose high performance deep draw steel, especially designed for a residential roof. That steel is key to the four big reasons why people choose metal roofing.


First of all, a metal roof is uniquely durable, standing up to hail, wind, fire, snow, water, and sun. Metal roofs typically last 2 to 4 times as long as asphalt.


Secondly, a metal roof has incomparable value, which stems from its long life, as well as energy efficiency. A cool metal roof is proven to reduce the roof’s temperature on hot days, and that can mean energy savings of up to 40%.

Environmental Benefit

A third main benefit of a metal roof is for the environment. With asphalt shingles, most will end up in a landfill within a few decades. Steel is recyclable – 100%.


In the end, many people choose metal roofing for its beauty. The Matterhorn Metal Roofing line from Quality Edge comes in several profiles, and a whole array of colors:



Forged from steel, Matterhorn Metal Roofs are literally stronger than steel. Each panel is comprised of:

1. Kynar™ 5000 Ceramic Pigmented Technology (Meets or exceeds AAMA 621-02)

2. Zinc Phosphate

3. Thermally Deposited Anti Corrosive Coating

4. Carbon Alloy Steel Core



Click here for Matterhorn Colors and Product Info (PDF)


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